CV Advice

Your CV it’s so important

It’s now more important than ever to stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs; with more than 2½ million people unemployed in the UK and this figure set to rise; a highly professional CV prepared by our experienced CV Consultants at CV KNOWHOW will make all the difference.

Prospective employers take approximately four seconds to gauge whether a CV is worth reading and if it isn’t, they quickly move on to the next. To prevent this happening to you, CV KNOWHOW will produce a document guaranteed to keep any employer interested and can lead to the job of your dreams.

Our CV Consultants combine expert writing skills with high quality language when preparing CV KNOWHOW’s professional CVs and produce a layout that is clear, concise and guaranteed to get you noticed. A professional CV with CV KNOWHOW can be prepared within four hours with our Super Express Service and we can provide you with a copy of your CV to memory stick or CD for your continual use.

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