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How to beat the winter work blues

You can’t have failed to notice that the days are getting shorter, the nights are drawing in and the temperatures are falling. Winter is definitely coming. For many of us, the onset of winter brings with it much more than colder weather. Working through the winter period often means leaving for work in the dark, [...]

How to write a Graduate CV

For a fresh graduate having limited or no work experience can often be considered a handicap, however in the current job market where skills matter more than mere experience, creating the right CV can do the job. The trick is to highlight the skills which are sought in the required job. More and more employers [...]

Should you update your CV often?

For most of us, updating the CV is often a yearly exercise which is triggered by a post appraisal dissonance, or fuelled by aspirations. The usual next step is that we dig out our old CV and make whatever changes which come to the mind at that point in time. This often results in a [...]

CV mismatch?

Whether you’re a recent graduate with a hotchpotch of part-time jobs and work experience placements, or an experienced manager looking to change industry, shaping a CV which lends itself well to a prospective new opportunity can prove challenging at the best of times. There are ways to remedy this application-vacancy mismatch however, read on to [...]

Why Nicolas Cage won’t help you land a job…

Now, whilst the title of this column may at first appear a little obscure, there is sense behind the association of this Hollywood actor and your job search. It relates to a 20-year-old Canadian student, named Vanessa Hojda, who accidentally attached an image of Nicolas Cage to her CV when applying for a job. It [...]

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