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KNOWHOW to Choose Professional CV Writing Services

What is the first thing that can describe you when you will appear for your job interview? Apart from selecting the formal clothing and following the general rules of the mannerism, a CV is something that can describe your achievements and qualifications and that too in a single sheet of paper. Thus, carrying an effective [...]

A Complete Analysis Of CV Writing Services

CV writing is something that has become increasingly popular over time. Everyone seems to be in dine need of a good CV Writing Services. People who need this type of service are not only business professionals, or students but also the ones who are trying to enter into a professional job. However, a CV can [...]

10 things not to put on your CV

You may be familiar with what makes a good feature on your CV, but do you know what you should steer clear of? 1 The Term “CV” An employer knows that your CV is your CV – there’s no need to tell them so. If it’s not obvious at a quick glance, then it’s probably [...]

Worst CV Mistakes

Applying for jobs can be stressful. Your CV is the first chance to sell yourself and make an impression on potential employers. Of course, the impression needs to be a good one. It is your personal advertisement and should therefore provide an overview of you as a candidate, highlighting your positive skills and experience. With [...]

How to get a job in a recession

1. Be prepared to be flexible Everybody in a perfect world will be looking for their ideal job. In a recession, there will be fewer job opportunities and it will be more competitive, so there may not be the luxury to pick and choose. Set yourself a bottom line of what you’re prepared to accept [...]

How to make a stand-out CV

You don’t need us to tell you that it’s a tough job market out there. It’s all we ever hear or read about! School leavers, graduates and the unemployed all over the country have to deal with the simple fact: demand for jobs is higher than supply. According to the recent unemployment figures, things are [...]

Make your CV e-friendly in 5 steps

In this increasingly technology-driven world, bringing your CV kicking and screaming into the 21st century is a must. It’s no longer enough to make the most of the multiplicity of social media channels at your disposal: it’s the bricks and mortar – your CV – that will do the talking for you… 1. Convert it [...]

Road Transport Manager CV Writing Service

Road transport managers plan and coordinate road haulage, distribution and passenger transport operations, including routes and schedules. They make sure that goods and passengers reach their destinations safely, on time and in the most cost-effective way. As a transport manager, your duties could include: working with suppliers and customers, planning routes and scheduling delivery times [...]

Train Conductor CV Writing Service

Train conductors, also known as guards or train crew, make sure that rail passengers have paid their fare, and are safe and comfortable during their journey. As a conductor, your day-to-day duties would include: checking the carriages are clean before the start of a journey making sure equipment, doors and controls are working properly walking [...]

Traffic Warden CV Writing Service

If you are a positive, friendly person, and you would like a job where you are out and about, this could suit you well. Traffic wardens are responsible for making sure that traffic, motoring and parking laws and regulations are followed. In this job you would need to be assertive and have common sense. You [...]

Taxi driver CV Writing Service

If you are good at driving and have good knowledge of the streets in your area, this job might suit you. As a taxi driver, you would pick up passengers and take them to their destination by the quickest and safest route. In this job you will need to be able to drive safely. You [...]

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