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Not getting job offers? Try to change your CV

Disliking your current job leaves you with merely one option that is to look out for another job, and a better one. But when you eagerly want to switch your job, you don’t get job offers as frequently as you expect. This is the time when your CV demands an attention from you. There are [...]

Job competition is too intense. How to get an edge over competition?

Students leaving universities every year face intense competition when it comes to seeking a good job in their dream company. The reasons are not one but quite a few, which include increasing number of candidates applying for jobs and lesser number of vacancies available in the market. The situation is nonetheless like bees around the [...]

Hate your current job? What you need to do to get a better one?

No need to feel low or be staggered if you hate your current job. There are hundreds and thousands others who go through the similar situation of struggling between sustaining in their existing job and hunting for a better one. If you have decided to look for another job, here are the points listed and [...]

How professional CV writing service works?

Welcome to the world where every one is looking to get an extra edge in their professional lives. There is a lot at stake in the professional lives, and one wrong move can really have a lot of impact on the entire career development of the life of a professional. Thus, a lot of professionals [...]

How to write a CV for a Sales Professional?

More often than not, what we find is that some of the best sales professionals are not really the best resume writers. That is why they are stuck in jobs where there skills are not equally requited and they have to bear the trepidations of an over bearing noisy boss and a under paying unsatisfying [...]

Common errors in a CV

A CV is certainly the most important document in the lives of the professionals. A sudden slip, a loophole, a mistake and it may cost you the job of a lifetime. The talent hunters and the HR managers do not just look for what your CV contains. They also very cleverly squeeze out the factors [...]

UCAS Personal Statement

Think of your UCAS personal statement as the most significant piece of writing of your life so far! Hold this thought and it helps you to appreciate the singular importance of this part of the UCAS application. For although your estimated grades  may have some impact upon the admission tutors at your chosen universities, the [...]

How does a Professional CV help get you that career you are looking for

Submitting a professionally written CV for a specific job role can not only significantly boost your chances in today’s job market but can set you apart from the rest of the competition.  With more than 67 candidates going for any one job position, it has never been more important than ever to stand out – [...]

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