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Hate your current job? What you need to do to get a better one?

No need to feel low or be staggered if you hate your current job. There are hundreds and thousands others who go through the similar situation of struggling between sustaining in their existing job and hunting for a better one. If you have decided to look for another job, here are the points listed and explained below that you need to take care of while hunting for a better job;

1)      Revise your CV to make it more attractive – First and foremost, an attractive and unique CV catches recruiter’s attention within seconds and multiplies the possibility of getting an interview call from the company where you have applied. A perfect CV should not be more than two pages long and contains info in crisp and organized manner. Resume should be free from any grammatical and spelling errors and created on a white sheet with using black ink. Your CV is like your mirror that tells the recruiter what you are, where you have come from and what you can do for the company.

2)      Prepare a list of skills that you would want to learn – The employer is interested to know how a candidate intends to become a great performer and would like to hear from you the skills you want to learn to prove yourself better than other applicants of the same position you have applied for. You can also tell the employer what steps and initiatives you are taking to make you more competent for the job. Try to take part in workshops and attend seminars and conferences to improve your abilities so that you can easily be picked by the employers. You can emphasize on improving interpersonal skills, information handling and logical thinking, technological ability and, most importantly, communicating effectively.

3)       Develop your personal elevator pitch – Every interview starts with, “Tell me about yourself,” and interviewer wants a right answer to this question. The answer must include your academics and work-related backgrounds, your accomplishments, your future goals, and why do you want to work in his company. Prepare everything in a crisp way and keep it short. Preparing an elevator pitch also helps you while you are networking or if among a group of strangers. It helps build the confidence in you and you won’t stammer in front of the interviewer.

4)      Strengthen your networking – Networking on a social media site or networking offline with friends help you reach to the employer in a much easier way and you will end up landing a good job. You can use social media tools where several big companies are listed, many placement agencies and human resources have made their significant presence. You can also use the events application on LinkedIn, where the tool will allow you to take a look at the events highlighted by the pros in your network. It also includes information on speaking gigs, conferences and programs you plan to attend, which brightens the chances of getting you a better job even more.

CV Advice
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