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How to get a job in a recession

1. Be prepared to be flexible

Everybody in a perfect world will be looking for their ideal job. In a recession, there will be fewer job opportunities and it will be more competitive, so there may not be the luxury to pick and choose. Set yourself a bottom line of what you’re prepared to accept in terms of salary, working duties, travel area etc and try and stick to it if possible. Remember, you can continue to job search once employed, and can seek your perfect job when the economy picks-up.

2. Send quality applications

A temptation when jobsearching during lean times, can be to take a quantitative approach, by firing out as many CVs and applications as humanly possible, with little thought to content. If this is your approach, consider sending fewer but higher quality applications; using the extra time to target skills and experience employer will be seeking. After all, if you send out poor quality or untargeted applications you’re unlikely to be shortlisted.

3. Consider using recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies can often be viewed in a negative light. However, there are some good ones out there, and they can provide a quick solution to unemployment, when you’re in desperate need to stay in, or return to, the jobs market. Speak to as many agencies as you can, and draw up a short list of good ones. You can also ask family and friends if they they’ve had any positive experiences with recruitment agencies, to help give you a head-start in your searching.

4. Read the papers and watch the news

Keep up to date with what’s happening within local business, by keeping tabs on local news sources. Local newspapers will often run articles focussing on success stories, relating to business growth and recruitment drives. Make a point of looking at the business pages and watching the news, to identify employers likely to be recruiting in the near future.

5. Speak to a careers adviser

If you’re unsure why your applications aren’t getting you to an interview, or if you’re not progressing beyond the interview stage, a careers adviser will help you in reviewing your overall approach to jobsearching. An in-depth discussion about your job search will help you identify areas where you’ll need to improve, and support you in fine-tuning your job search, applications, interview preparation and delivery.

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