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How to write a Graduate CV

For a fresh graduate having limited or no work experience can often be considered a handicap, however in the current job market where skills matter more than mere experience, creating the right CV can do the job. The trick is to highlight the skills which are sought in the required job.

More and more employers especially in the IT industry prefer to recruit fresh talent and train them as per their specific requirement. In the process, they acquire talent which is enthusiastic, are trained as per their requirement and are cheaper than a trained resource. This helps in saving cost too.

Given the requirement in the market for fresh talent, and considering that there are scores of college pass outs, it is imperative that your resume be attractive to get you the interview call. With limited or no relevant experience, it can be a challenge to make your CV interesting. The following steps should help you create a CV which is noticed and gets you an interview call.

First up starts the process of matching the job requirements with your skills, both acquired and natural. You may be a natural when it comes to striking a conversation, in which case your skills would be a great fit for a Sales job. Whatever your characteristic trait, these should be highlighted right at the start of your resume. Likewise, an individual who has a flair for statistical analysis would be a great fit for a data interpretation and analytics assignment. Here too, this ability should be highlighted first.

After the sought-after-skills have been highlighted, the next step is to collate details of all the relevant assignments both academic as well as commercial that you may have been a part of, in your college. Likewise compile the positive reviews and accolades which you may have gotten for your assignments.

The next step is to arrange all this information in a palatable manner. The resume should start with your name and contact details. Even though this sounds too basic, it is often noticed that a number of candidates miss out on providing their correct contact information. The next step is to highlight your career objective. This is a chance for you to market yourself and hence this should be a well thought out statement. You should certainly avoid using the usual clich├ęd statements as these can appear boring and do not distinguish you from others. The career objective should be written using your skill set and matching these with what the potential employer is looking for.

This should be followed by your educational qualification displayed in reverse chronological order. Again all such qualification and subjects which are relevant to the job you are applying for should be appropriately highlighted. Following this should be your work experience. Even though you may not have any work experience, you could highlight any internship or volunteer work which you may have done. Though make sure that it should be relevant to the job you are applying for. Further if you have attended any workshop or been a part of a project related to the current job profile, it would be prudent to mention it here. This should be followed by your achievements and references.

CV Advice
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