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Job competition is too intense. How to get an edge over competition?

Students leaving universities every year face intense competition when it comes to seeking a good job in their dream company. The reasons are not one but quite a few, which include increasing number of candidates applying for jobs and lesser number of vacancies available in the market. The situation is nonetheless like bees around the honey pot.

However, getting the right job in your dream company would not be difficult if you have something different and unique to show it to the employer’s recruitment cell. And you can do this effectively with giving your CV that look and appeal recruiters look for.

So, below are some tips explained to help you make your CV stand out, to save you from the pitfalls you face while job hunting, and therefore, help you get an edge over the competition;

1)      Don’t just tell, sell – While specifying your accomplishments in the CV, don’t be stingy by only citing, “responsible for XYZ”.  Always try to answer ‘so what’, ‘who cares’ and ‘what’s unique’ questions for each achievement and assure the recruiter that you have that competency in you.

2)      Match your CV to the job posted – when the job competition is too intense, the qualification, expertise and experience included in the CV must closely match with the profile specified in the job’s posting. This helps your resume hit directly in the recruiter’s eyes.

3)      Prove your claims – What catches recruiter’s attention most is backing up your claimed skills and accomplishments with exact dollar amounts, numbers and percentages. Avoid giving too much information.

4)      Use bulleted style for comprehensible reading – Big blocks of text leave readers confused and suffocated. So, allow your words breathe by using bullets to highlight important points in your CV. The important points are highlighted by this and recruiter does not miss out on any point that you wish him to know. White spaces present between the lines give your CV more organized look.

5)      Choose flattering format and consistent layout – Employers narrow down huge piles of CVs by doing away with those which have inconsistent layout and non-appealing formatting. Give your resume a unique look by selecting the best format as per the situation. The same format can be used throughout when worked in the same field but a hybrid format can be adopted in a situation where you have worked in different profiles to make it more effective.

Nowadays, no matter how qualified you are or how many degrees you hold but making your CV unique and doing every bit to ensure that it reaches to your dream employer makes the difference. A smart, unique and appealing CV definitely helps you get an edge over existing cut-throat job competition.


CV Advice
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