Job Hunting

Keeping a Cover Letter Concise

What is your cover letter for? You’re not aiming to win the Man Booker Prize, so it doesn’t want to be War and Peace. In terms of a meal, the cover letter is the amuse bouche before the starter that is your CV. Something to tantalise the reader and make them believe that they’re going [...]

Tailoring Your CV and Cover Letter to Individual Applications

You might think that once you have written your CV and a standard template cover letter the hard work is done, think again. To be successful in a job application you need to put time and effort into each individual one to give yourself the best chance at being hired. When it comes down to [...]

Not getting job offers? Try to change your CV

Disliking your current job leaves you with merely one option that is to look out for another job, and a better one. But when you eagerly want to switch your job, you don’t get job offers as frequently as you expect. This is the time when your CV demands an attention from you. There are [...]

Job competition is too intense. How to get an edge over competition?

Students leaving universities every year face intense competition when it comes to seeking a good job in their dream company. The reasons are not one but quite a few, which include increasing number of candidates applying for jobs and lesser number of vacancies available in the market. The situation is nonetheless like bees around the [...]

Hate your current job? What you need to do to get a better one?

No need to feel low or be staggered if you hate your current job. There are hundreds and thousands others who go through the similar situation of struggling between sustaining in their existing job and hunting for a better one. If you have decided to look for another job, here are the points listed and [...]

How professional CV writing service works?

Welcome to the world where every one is looking to get an extra edge in their professional lives. There is a lot at stake in the professional lives, and one wrong move can really have a lot of impact on the entire career development of the life of a professional. Thus, a lot of professionals [...]

How to write a CV for a Sales Professional?

More often than not, what we find is that some of the best sales professionals are not really the best resume writers. That is why they are stuck in jobs where there skills are not equally requited and they have to bear the trepidations of an over bearing noisy boss and a under paying unsatisfying [...]

Common errors in a CV

A CV is certainly the most important document in the lives of the professionals. A sudden slip, a loophole, a mistake and it may cost you the job of a lifetime. The talent hunters and the HR managers do not just look for what your CV contains. They also very cleverly squeeze out the factors [...]

How does a Professional CV help get you that career you are looking for

Submitting a professionally written CV for a specific job role can not only significantly boost your chances in today’s job market but can set you apart from the rest of the competition.  With more than 67 candidates going for any one job position, it has never been more important than ever to stand out – [...]

Top Secrets to Make Recruiters Find You

How to Write A CV With the dynamics in the job market changing every other day, every candidate needs to work out his own strategies to be in the recruiters spotlight. This infographic depicts all such necessary homework to be done by a candidate. Tweet

KNOWHOW to Choose Professional CV Writing Services

What is the first thing that can describe you when you will appear for your job interview? Apart from selecting the formal clothing and following the general rules of the mannerism, a CV is something that can describe your achievements and qualifications and that too in a single sheet of paper. Thus, carrying an effective [...]

A Complete Analysis Of CV Writing Services

CV writing is something that has become increasingly popular over time. Everyone seems to be in dine need of a good CV Writing Services. People who need this type of service are not only business professionals, or students but also the ones who are trying to enter into a professional job. However, a CV can [...]

10 things not to put on your CV

You may be familiar with what makes a good feature on your CV, but do you know what you should steer clear of? 1 The Term “CV” An employer knows that your CV is your CV – there’s no need to tell them so. If it’s not obvious at a quick glance, then it’s probably [...]

Worst CV Mistakes

Applying for jobs can be stressful. Your CV is the first chance to sell yourself and make an impression on potential employers. Of course, the impression needs to be a good one. It is your personal advertisement and should therefore provide an overview of you as a candidate, highlighting your positive skills and experience. With [...]

How to get a job in a recession

1. Be prepared to be flexible Everybody in a perfect world will be looking for their ideal job. In a recession, there will be fewer job opportunities and it will be more competitive, so there may not be the luxury to pick and choose. Set yourself a bottom line of what you’re prepared to accept [...]

How to make a stand-out CV

You don’t need us to tell you that it’s a tough job market out there. It’s all we ever hear or read about! School leavers, graduates and the unemployed all over the country have to deal with the simple fact: demand for jobs is higher than supply. According to the recent unemployment figures, things are [...]

Make your CV e-friendly in 5 steps

In this increasingly technology-driven world, bringing your CV kicking and screaming into the 21st century is a must. It’s no longer enough to make the most of the multiplicity of social media channels at your disposal: it’s the bricks and mortar – your CV – that will do the talking for you… 1. Convert it [...]

How to beat the winter work blues

You can’t have failed to notice that the days are getting shorter, the nights are drawing in and the temperatures are falling. Winter is definitely coming. For many of us, the onset of winter brings with it much more than colder weather. Working through the winter period often means leaving for work in the dark, [...]

How to write a Graduate CV

For a fresh graduate having limited or no work experience can often be considered a handicap, however in the current job market where skills matter more than mere experience, creating the right CV can do the job. The trick is to highlight the skills which are sought in the required job. More and more employers [...]

Should you update your CV often?

For most of us, updating the CV is often a yearly exercise which is triggered by a post appraisal dissonance, or fuelled by aspirations. The usual next step is that we dig out our old CV and make whatever changes which come to the mind at that point in time. This often results in a [...]

CV mismatch?

Whether you’re a recent graduate with a hotchpotch of part-time jobs and work experience placements, or an experienced manager looking to change industry, shaping a CV which lends itself well to a prospective new opportunity can prove challenging at the best of times. There are ways to remedy this application-vacancy mismatch however, read on to [...]

Why Nicolas Cage won’t help you land a job…

Now, whilst the title of this column may at first appear a little obscure, there is sense behind the association of this Hollywood actor and your job search. It relates to a 20-year-old Canadian student, named Vanessa Hojda, who accidentally attached an image of Nicolas Cage to her CV when applying for a job. It [...]

Insurance Claims Handler CV Writing Service

Insurance Claims Handler CV Writing Service The work As a claims handler, you would deal with people making claims on their insurance policies. You may also be known by other job titles, such as claims administrator, settler, technician or assessor. You would usually specialise in one type of insurance, such as motor, household or life [...]

Mechanical Engineering Technician CV Writing Service

Mechanical Engineering Technician CV Writing Service If you are good at maths and science, and you want a technical role in engineering, this job could be ideal for you. Mechanical engineering technicians design, build, operate and service plant machinery and parts. They use various skills in their work, for instance welding and CNC machining. In [...]

Get CV Review To Create A Better Appeal

When one goes  out for an Interview the employer reviews his/her CV, as an outlook of a person’s abilities, education, backgrounds and everything just like the packaging of any material contains its ingredients, manufacturer, expiry date, etc. Free CV review acts as an escort here. Before going for an interview one should review his/her CV [...]

Free CV Review Will Help To Make A Remarkable CV

The CV is a kind of marketing tool, which individuals should use to promote themselves. Hence, they should ensure their curriculum vitae highlights their career related experiences and strengths, makes their skills and achievements stand out, and shows originality and creativity, which will help recruiters to notice them. However, at times it happens that even [...]

Take Benefit Of Free CV Review To Get An Excellent Job

When applying for jobs, the CV is the most vital thing to get right for if this is not the case then chances are high, the applicant will not get an interview call. Hence, an individual should ensure his CV is of topmost quality so that it does not let him down in his job [...]

Use Free CV Review And Watch Dreams Become True

Everyone has the dream that his or her house, car, or clothes should be the best. However, most of them forget that the thing, which will help them to acquire all these material things, should be the greatest, which are their curriculum vitae. Some might wonder how simple curriculum vitae can help individuals acquire the [...]

Use Free CV Review To Attain The Dream Job

Everyone wants to get the best job, which is there in his or her field. However, with each individual having this desire has contributed to increase the competition level in the employment market. The thought might come to the minds of individuals, as to what should they do in order to stand out from the [...]

Avail Free CV Review Service To Get An Exceptional CV

These days there is a lot of competition in the job market as jobs are lesser in number while candidates are many. This ensures that a curriculum vita has just about 10 seconds to attract the attention of a prospective employer. Now the question, which might trouble individuals, is, does their CV truly gives the [...]

Take Advantage Of Free CV Review To Get Hold Of A Great Job

Many individuals might face a situation where they struggle to get interview calls. Some can say the solution to this problem is to apply for more jobs. However, sometimes it occurs that even when individuals make five job applications, they get interview calls from less than one. In these situations, the problem simply lies with [...]

Get Free CV Review To Enlighten Your Future Path

Here comes a new chance to brighten your future. Do you often keep thinking about ways to get a big break in your career? Free CV Review provides you with a golden opportunity to totally hit it off. When one goes for an interview, the employer wants to see one’s CV.  Have you ever thought [...]

Did You Get A Free CV Review?

Have you ever thought why your CV holds such an important place in an interview? Probably not! Maybe this is why you have often suffered rejection just because your CV does not reveal your inner self. To analyze its importance, you can trace back to the time when the employer looks at your CV very [...]

Get An Expert Spin On Employability With Free CV Review

How many times do you feel you have been rejected just because your CV wasn’t attractive enough to depict what you are and how good you are at work? There must have been many ways but do you realize what a bad effect it leaves on you? Your professionalism is questioned just because you know [...]

Five Most common CV blunders

Five Most common CV blunders Writing a CV requires the same level of commitment as writing a business proposal does, and the better the presentation of the resume, the higher the chances of getting an interview call. However, a lot of people often miss this point and end up committing errors which result in lost [...]

Professional and Expert CV Writing Services

Effective CV writing needs a number of time, attention and research to detail. A competitive employment market indicates candidate required to market themselves even extra efficiently. Recruiters are turning out to be far choosier; therefore it is more vital to stand out from the rivalry, obtain noticed and make the correct impression with a better [...]

How Can CV Writing Services Help One To Get A Job?

The pre-conditions of a job are the basic necessities required by the firm or a company from the applying candidate. The applicants are evaluated by means of their academic record and their academic record is represented in commonly two ways. The one way is better called off an interview. An interview which is just like [...]

CV Writing Services for a well-organised CV

For getting an appropriate job in a well known business, it is crucial that the CV being put forward to get a job holds all the information and charm to attract the recruiters. It is like a personality that is in a sheet and helps tell all about the achievements of the candidate. The CV [...]

CV Writing Service to Help you Standout

When the competition is tough for getting the right job in a famous firm, each and every item required for getting the job has to be checked and made perfect several times. The most important item required by the business owner to check the qualification of the applicant is CV. The CV if alone is [...]

CV Writing and Appraisal Services – What Do they Present?

Companies offering CV writing services normally offer a menu of choices to their clients. They know that various people simply desire to have their CV professionally reviewed, although other is seeking a whole rewrite. Others are eager to invest in extra support, such as mock interviews or even interview preparation. Because the demand for CV writing [...]

Heads up, LinkedIn users: 93% of recruiters are looking at you

LinkedIn users hunting for a job may want to spruce up their profiles. A recent survey from Jobvite found that 93 percent of job recruiters tap into LinkedIn to find qualified candidates, up from 87 percent last year and 78 percent in 2010. But the other popular social networks are growing in influence as well. In second [...]

Points to consider while selecting a professional CV writing service firm

Points to consider while selecting a professional CV writing service firm Searching for a professional CV writing service requires the same level of search and due diligence as the search for a funds manager. A bad selection in either case may result in a failed job search or have adverse financial consequences respectively. A good professional CV [...]

Tips on getting your CV read

Tips on getting your CV read. A professional resume cannot have a cookie cutter approach and each job applied for will require customisation in the CV. Likewise, the designation and the job requirement will determine the content of the resume. Nevertheless, there are certain guidelines which each resume should follow. Featured below are a few [...]

Should you hire a professional CV writing service?

Should you hire a professional CV writing service? Developing a resume is similar to developing a marketing collateral, and the product here is you! Your resume should communicate to your potential employer your strengths and qualities which will help you in delivering in the given job. However, most job seekers fail to understand the importance [...]

Sailing Instructor CV Writing Service

Sailing Instructor CV Writing Service Sailing instructors teach people to sail yachts and boats, both at sea and on inland waterways like reservoirs, canals and lakes. As a sailing instructor, you could teach one or all of the following: dinghy sailing (small craft including keelboats and catamarans) powerboat driving windsurfing yachting cruising (large yachts and [...]

You Can Avoid Hazards By Using The Resume Or CV Writing Services

By using one of several resume writing services available in the marketplace can make sure your superior place in an industry of job and this can make candidate clear from the other candidates or applicants. There are several of reasons why you must use these CV writing services. Some of these reasons are mentioned below. [...]

Why Resume And CV Writing Services Are Very Important And Essential

In current era the resume and CV writing services are very important and essential to obtain the excellent job, works we just dreamed for. The CVs are the mirror image of an applicant itself, they’re just like an open book of an applicant. The CVs may astonish the recruiters enough which they will employ the [...]

The Things On The Resume Or CV Writing Services

The services of resume or CV writing can be the most important asset in the quest to make the ideal CV, these CV writing services get someone on a road to getting the work of his dreams. You previously understand that to be the candidate for the place you desire, your CV have to be [...]

The service of CV writing

CV writing is an art because in this advance era all person want to do job that’s why the competition of jobs is increased day by day and CV secure your position in the market. In this field CV writing services are play a vital role. Now the demand of professional CV writing services is also [...]

The best use of Professional CV Writing Services

The first and significant step for searching a good job is using the professional CV Writing Service. There are many errors can exist in your CV and it will be left a bad impact in your job, therefore you can adopt some services of CV Writers for the secrecy of your CV. You should avoid [...]

The Advantages Of Professional Resume Or CV Writing Services

The professional CV writing services must be your final choice when this comes to the writing CVs. Why is this final and concrete fact? This is just because the observation that persons who favor to create their own CV mostly finish up making few pretty awful faults that they ignore. These mistakes in a CV [...]

Some Very Important Things About The CV Writing

Although resume and CV are often thought about as the interchangeable terms, the resume differs from the CV both in meaning and nature. These both are same just in the two aspects. The number one aspect is that the CV covers up all the important information provided in the resume, furthermore to the other records [...]

How You Can Choose The Custom And Good Resume Or CV Writing Services

High quality and effective CV writing needs lots of the time, attention and study. Applicants require marketing themselves even much more efficiently in the competitive marketplace. Companies and businesses are becoming extremely choosy, so that is why this has become extremely significant to show up in the competition, make the accurate impression and get noticed [...]

Employers of the unemployed!! CV writing services!!

Nowadays there is the talk of CV writing services everywhere.  It is the nature of every living organism to struggle and fight for a living and a human being does everything to live a good life. To get a life of luxuries or even to fulfill the necessity of food one needs a job in [...]

CV Writing Services Can Help You To Make High Quality Resumes

The well written CV with your detailed career attainments and objective is extremely important if you would like your CV to get your recruiter’s concentration long as much as necessary to inspect completely and consider giving you the call. The CV writing services might just what you would like to have and the good news [...]

Bar Person CV Writing Service

Bar staff serve drinks in places like pubs, clubs and wine bars. They also serve drinks in hotels. In this work you will serve a wide variety of different people each day. If you enjoy meeting people and have an outgoing personality, becoming a bar person could be the right choice for you. To be [...]

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