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Not getting job offers? Try to change your CV

Disliking your current job leaves you with merely one option that is to look out for another job, and a better one. But when you eagerly want to switch your job, you don’t get job offers as frequently as you expect. This is the time when your CV demands an attention from you.

There are times when recruiters tend to overlook your CV or are carried away by deadlines or do not give your CV the attention it requires. The first and most important step you need to take in an attempt to invite attractive job offers is to get your CV noticed by the big players of the industry. For that, you really need to work hard to make your CV look attractive and unique from the rest of the lot and it should clearly state how potential you are to an organization with your expertise and experience.

Needless to say, your CV is the first thing that tells the recruiters about you, your capabilities and how productive and useful your association with the company is going to be. However, changing your CV with simple tuning and tweaking can let it stand out in the pile and get you more job offers. The important points that you need to consider while bringing the change in your CV are discussed below;

1)      Draft a career summary/objective

A recruiter doesn’t go through the entire CV so it is important to give a career summary on top of the CV so that recruiter picks out the main objective of your CV and the areas you wish to highlight.

2)      Avoid using cliché words

Be very careful while penning down the points in your resume. Each word and phrase used in your CV helps build your image in the recruiter’s eye. You can play around with uncommon phrases and terms, and avoid using common words but the presentation of the details should be easily understood.

3)      Be precise and concise

You might have to say a lot of things about yourself but you need to strike a balance between being informative and being overly cliché. But pick words wisely and mention only those points which you think are relevant for the job.

4)      Quantify achievements

Include all your achievements and details in the CV that separate you from the rest of the applicants. Ultimately your focus should be on how you can value-add to the company.

5)      Explain the gaps

Filling in the gaps in your resume of your work life will work in your favor. Briefly explain why you had to take a break of 6 months or 1 year from work and what you did during those times.


6)      Put keywords of job post

In this digital world, CVs are processed through a tracking system that selects CVs by tracking keywords, as the trend of online submission of resumes is popularizing with each passing day. So, apart from making it visually appealing, try and accentuate keywords in the article.

CV Advice
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