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Tips on getting your CV read

Tips on getting your CV read.

A professional resume cannot have a cookie cutter approach and each job applied for will require customisation in the CV. Likewise, the designation and the job requirement will determine the content of the resume. Nevertheless, there are certain guidelines which each resume should follow. Featured below are a few guidelines which when followed will help develop a resume which helps to get you an interview call.

1. Identify the Objective of the Resume

A resume cannot get you a job, but can certainly get you an interview call. Hence it is recommended that you desist from going for an over kill and try to achieve too much through your resume. The content of your resume should be articulated to engage the recruiter enough to facilitate an interview call.

2. Appropriate use of Keywords

In the new age job hunt where job search as well as the talent search is carried out online, it is imperative that the online version of your resume has the requisite keywords. These keywords should be in sync with the job that you intend to take up and/or the prevailing market trends.

3. Tone of the Resume

The tone of the resume should reflect enthusiasm and optimism, and should be commensurate with the position that you are applying for. You resume should sound professional and there should be an attempt to integrate jargons specific to the industry you are sending your resume to.

4. Highlight your achievements

While it is important not to fib on your resume, it is imperative that you talk about your achievements which will further add credibility to your candidature. As a note of caution, just remember that the achievements should be relevant to the job you are applying for. Having won a school cake baking competition is not worth mentioning unless you are applying for the job of a chef!

5. Sell yourself

Treat your resume like a marketing collateral which should sell you to the recruiter. Your resume should highlight your strengths and skills which will help you to deliver in the desired role. Your past experience should give an indication of your ability to replicate your success in the new assignment. Qualities like problem solving attitude, sincerity and team work are sought after the most in the current job market. These should be adequately highlighted in your resume.

6. Ensure that your resume has a summary at the top

Like the preface of a good book, your resume should give a brief summary of your skills and objectives. The summary will help decide if the recruiter will give your resume a detailed look and cal you for an interview. The intent should be to present the information to capture the attention of recruiter in five seconds or less.

7. Proofread the Resume for Errors

A grammatical error or misspelling is almost akin to committing a crime while developing a resume. More than anything else, it will reflect a casual attitude of the job applicant, a trait which is not desirable in a potential employee. Hence it is strongly recommended that you review the resume after completing it.

8. Use Bullet Points

Bullet points are easy to read and scan. As the recruiters usually review scores of resume in a day, they do not have the time or patience to read long blocks of text. Bullet points are recommended as they improve the readability of the resume and can be used to highlight experiences, objectives and professional accomplishments.

A well crafted resume will increase your chances of getting your dream job. Considering the importance of a well drafted resume, it is often recommended to seek professional help. You could consider hiring Professional CV writing service who will help you develop a resume which works!!


CV Advice
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