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Think of your UCAS personal statement as the most significant piece of writing of your life so far! Hold this thought and it helps you to appreciate the singular importance of this part of the UCAS application. For although your estimated grades  may have some impact upon the admission tutors at your chosen universities, the UCAS personal statement allows you to differentiate yourself from the crowds of students all ‘passionate’ about their subject and their skills. This differentiation can be created through a careful process of matching and marrying course details, academic interests and personal qualities. When these different elements of ‘you’ are brought together in a thoughtful, dynamic and memorable way, then the outcome is far more likely to be positive.

In today’s highly competitive academic climate, disappointment can occur quite easily when you apply to universities, even if you are a very accomplished student who thoroughly deserves an offer of a place at your chosen University. The UCAS personal statement is thus like an extra examination, where organised thoughtful revision can bring very satisfying rewards indeed.  Such productive revision can help you to avoid the deflation of negative responses from your favourite Universities and can instead provide you with the perfect opportunity to stand out and shine.

So how can you set yourself apart from so many other prospective undergraduates?

Well, as I have suggested, a thoughtful approach to writing your statement is essential. Think about what your chosen Universities want in an undergraduate student on your elected course and make sure you match your skills and studies accordingly, even if a certain inventiveness is required. Remember inventiveness shows you have initiative and resourcefulness and what admission tutor would deny the value of such skills? It is always impressive to celebrate your interest in your subject through clear evidence. This evidence reveals to the admissions officers how genuinely committed you are to your subject. If this is a struggle to find, then think about the reasons for this difficulty and start gathering your evidence now or pick another subject!

Objective feedback can improve the quality of your UCAS personal statement substantially.  Indeed an incisive reworking of an unoriginal or lacklustre statement may be just what you need in order to recommend your UCAS application.  Remember that words can empower or disempower us. After all, when we express ourselves powerfully, we are far more likely to attain our chosen goals and to find ourselves in the fortunate position of being able to choose which University we will attend.

Expert help with your UCAS Personal statement may enable you to gain entry to the University of your choice and is an excellent investment in your academic future and far beyond.

CV Advice
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